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The Hearty Home Give Back!

Did you know that every time we sell a house, 3% of the proceeds are donated to a charity of our client’s choice? In this episode of Hearty Home, we’re going to drop off a donation check at Tender Loving Care Adult Daycare in Brown’s Community Development Center. We’ll find out about the services they provide and how our donation will help the local community.

Giving Back

Recently, Joelle and Darlene Mitchell purchased a new home in Palm Beach County. One of the things we pride ourselves on is that every time we sell a house, we make a donation. We’ll take 3% of our proceeds and donate them to a charity of our client's choice. For this particular transaction, they chose Brown's Community Development Center’s Tender Loving Care Adult Daycare.

Brown’s Community Development Center provides services to the community and is dedicated to providing educational and social services to youth, families, and the community. We're going to show you a little behind-the-scenes of exactly what they do here at the adult daycare.

I myself grew up in an underserved community, and I wish we would have had programs like that when I was younger. Brown’s Community Development Center provides essential products and information for people who may not be aware of ways to improve their life or their situation.

Meet Darlene Ponder

Darlene Brown-Ponder is the owner and founder of Tender Loving Care and Brown’s Community Development Center. The center has been around for over 25 years serving the community, especially in Pompano, Florida. Specifically, the area that they serve is Collier City, the most disadvantaged community in Pompano.

For about 7 years, Brown’s Community Development Center has been hosting a Family Fun Day. At this event, they also host a job fair and give out over 300 book bags. They also offer food distribution and a resource fair, where they have over 70 resource vendors providing information to the community. Brown’s Community Development Center also partners with Holy Cross Hospital, which provides immunizations and free physicals for the kids.

It’s so great to see the turnout in the people and how grateful they are for the services that Brown’s Community Development Center provides. They’re doing a wonderful job including other businesses and nonprofits in their efforts, bringing everyone together to provide services and assistance to the community.

Using Donations

Our donation—and those of others—allows Brown’s Community Development Center to continue their work for the community. The donation will go towards getting book bags for the children for next year, as Darlene says they also put supplies in those bags for the kids.

Darlene also works with the homeless shelter. They’ve done a Mother's Day Appreciation Day and a Father's Day Appreciation Day, where they host a dinner and present each one with a gift. They also collect items that they may need during the year like toiletries, personal hygiene items, and more.

The TLC Medical Training Center

The TLC Medical Training Center is where students come to learn and get hands-on experience in becoming certified as a CNA. The Center offers two courses: the CNA Prep course and the Home Health Aide course. Both courses are hybrid courses, where the theory is taught online and the students come in person to the center to practice their skills.

With this, they also get a lot of donations for the community’s elders. This includes items such as adult diapers, which are also donated to the elderly, members of the adult daycare, and other nonprofit organizations. Diapers or any incontinence supplies are very expensive, so when people donate them to Brown’s Community Development Center, Darlene tries to save them for disadvantaged families.

Getting Involved

To learn more, be sure to visit Brown’s Community Development Center’s website. There, you can learn about the things that Darlene and her team do and the past events they’ve had. Upcoming events include Thanksgiving dinner packages for disadvantaged families, so if you would like to donate, call Darlene at 954-917-8099.

If people have family that needs help, they can call the same number. Darlene will assist them as much as she can or provide other resources to help. Additionally, donations like ours will help Brown’s Community Development Center continue helping disadvantaged families.

Brown’s Community Development Center is just one of the several businesses that Pompano Beach, Florida has to offer. If you have any questions about supporting your community, feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to help. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of Hearty Home, my show all about South Florida living. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

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