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Pros and Cons Of Living In Davie Florida | Everything You Should Know

Are you thinking about moving to Davie and want some to give you the bottom line of what it’s really like? In this episode of Hearty Home, I’m going to give you the good, bad, and ugly of living in Davie, Florida. We’ll look at everything from the weather to lifestyle so you can decide if this city is right for you.

The Pros Of Living In Davie, Florida

Like any city, there are great things about living in Davie and some not-so-great things. To start, let’s look at the top three reasons why people love to live in Davie. The first and most popular reason is the weather. If you're an outdoor person or you love nature, you don't have to worry about it being too cold or gray. You can always be outdoors. This means that if you love going to the beach, every day is a beach day.

The second reason why people love moving to Davie is that it's family-oriented. There are activities the whole family can enjoy. The Flamingo Gardens is an awesome botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary. My son especially loves the otters. Another great place to take the kids is Buehler Planetarium. You can easily spend a couple of hours watching the shows there. And if you want to be one with nature, the Nature Center is a great place to get outdoors.

The third reason people love moving to Davie, Florida, is the golf. We have so many beautiful golf courses to choose from, so golf-lovers will enjoy plenty of chances to get out on the green.

The Cons Of Living In Davie, Florida

While these are all great reasons why people love living in Davie, you also need to know the cons. If you're serious about moving here, you need to know this stuff.

First, did you know that Davie has hurricanes? Yeah, that's right. Hurricane season is June 1st and goes all the way to November 30th. It's super important that you prepare supplies when you're faced with a hurricane, and you should really have a family evacuation plan if needed. You’ll also want to have all of your important papers in one place so you can get them easily.

If you think hurricanes are no big deal, maybe humidity won't be either. During the summer months, heat and humidity can be a real hair-raiser. Don't even bother to do your hair and makeup, because humidity can be anywhere from 70 to 80% during the summer. The least humid month is March with humidity at 60%. The most humid month is August which can average about 80%. I hate the humidity. I'm in my house, and I'm sweating. But you're going to have to get used to it.

There are ways to deal with it, though. I go out to my car, run it, let the AC run, and get it cool so that I'm not sweating all the way to my destination. I also keep a water bottle with me at all times because you get thirsty. I also try not to be outside between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm—or after it rains. I know crazy, right?

One more thing you need to be prepared for is the palmetto bugs. If you don't know what they are, I suggest you Google them. There’s not much we can do about it, folks. While a good start is pest control, sometimes those little buggers will sneak into your house.

Experience Davie Living

I hope this gave you some insight into the pros and cons of living in Davie, Florida. We help people move and locate here every day, and I would love to help you too. If you have any additional questions about living in Davie, Florida, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

You can also subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of Hearty Home, my show all about Florida living. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

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